Indiana Ford Dealer Commits Suicide In Office

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Richard A. Burd, owner of Burd Ford in Central Indiana, was discovered dead in his office this morning in what police are calling a suicide. His wife Christine, who stars in the dealership's commercials, found him dead on a couch.


At this point, it's not clear why or how this suicide occurred, though the mayor of the town where his business is located said he'd been told by Richard Burd himself that business was good and mentioned they were in the process of replenishing their sold-out stock. It's possible he was just one of the many Americans suffering from depression and the location of this suicide isn't significant. Until the police release a note or details it's all just speculation.

You can see Christine in one of their "Burd Is The Word" commercials below. (Hat tip to Carrew!) [IndyStar]

Photo Credit: MICHELLE PEMBERTON/Indianapolis Star

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What a coward. Suicide is the most selfish, thoughtless act. #carpocalypsenow