CNBC recently compiled a list of the most expensive apartments in New York City and look whose car is parked outside of One57 and its $115,000,000 penthouse. Yes, it's the $8 million one-of-one Maybach Exelero perhaps owned by rapper/record exec Birdman.

We dug deeper and found that the Exelero is just a rendering issued by the renowned French architect Christian de Portzamparc's building. Also, the Prime Minister of Qatar has bought the penthouse already.


Moreover, it looks like Birdman never ended up taking delivery of that Exelero, which presumably remains in the possession of European entrepreneur Arnaud Massartic. So if Birdman is indeed apartment hunting for a penthouse in NYC, we don't know about it.

(Hat tip to Leavethegun-takethecannoli!)

Photo Credit: One57

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