Identify the Mystery Car That Someone Hacked Up to Build This Off-Road Beast

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This car did not start out as a jacked-up off-roader destined for deep mud pits. No, it was a fairly basic mode of transportation, likely owned by a suburban family of four that wanted something reliable with all-wheel drive to get Timmy to swim practice in January. But now the car is something different. Very different.

Someone hacked off its roof and much of its pillars, removed its doors, and replaced it all with some steel tubing. The front fenders are gone to help accommodate what appear to be roughly 30 or 31-inch tires, the rear quarter panel has been thoroughly trimmed to accomplish the same goal, and a big snorkel has been fitted to prevent hydro-locking when fording deep water.

An old-school tube bumper takes the place of the more modern plastic wraparound bumper cover in the back, and instead of a driver wondering what he’s doing with his life driving a normal car that blends in with everything else, there’s a man in the front seat who confidently owns the road.


For he is driving what was once a respectably capable but basic little automobile, but which has blossomed into a true conquerer of the earth.

h/t to Sean!