As far as hive minds go, the Greater Jalopnik Hive Mind may not be great at conquering armies or inducing mass hypnosis, but we can identify the shit out of some cars. And boy do I have a good one today, maybe one of the hardest we’ve had. Because it’s underwater.

A SCUBA diver named Aquachigger posted this video of a car he found while in some greenish volume of water, and he needs some help identifying it.


Based on the few details you can make out, the car seems to be a late ‘50s/early ‘60s American car. It seems to have single headlights, and some long bit of horizontal trim at the center of what I think is the grille area. The front end appears to be slightly pointed as well, like many cars of the era were.

The steering wheel is quite dished, and the front end bodywork seems to have ‘eyebrows’ over the headlights. Sort of like an early ‘60s Rambler American.

For a moment, I wondered if it could be a Corvair, but it doesn’t seem so—Corvairs had dual headlights. The profile of the bumpers seems more pronounced, and we get a decent look at one of the hubcaps. The wheels and tires seem strangely narrow, but that could be some effect of being underwater for so long?


There’s also a strange long pipe the diver pulls off. One end resembles a muted trumpet, and it extends back a good way. Is this part of the exhaust manifold?


Anyway, this one is a fun challenge, and I suspect that this group of car geeks will be able to crack it. Who wants to give it a go?

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