I really like these first-gen Ford Fiestas, but this is the most obvious example of the park-on-the-shoulder-and-pretend-like-you’re driving-fast sort of photo I’ve ever seen. They couldn’t have at least airbrushed the background and wheels to look a bit blurry? At least TRY to fool me, Ford. 

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My father had one of these for a work car when I was a kid. He loved it. He drove it into the ground and it never had any problems that weren’t related to age (rust, the exhaust fell off, it had a leak or 2, etc.). It got 31 mpg whether you were pushing it to the limit or having a lethargic cruise and it was a blast to drive as fast as it’s little 1.6 would take you. I learned how to drive a manual in it when I was 8 and I’ll always have fond memories of his rusty little fiesta with the broken exhaust. It’s one of the reasons I love small cars today (although I also love medium sized cars, big cars, 3-wheeled cars, pretty much all cars and also some boats and planes....oh and just engines sitting there by themselves are pretty cool, too....what was I talking about again?).