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I Can't Stop Staring At This Instagram Of Cops Pulling Over Stanced Cars

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ground-scraping enthusiasts the country over are currently descending on Ocean City, Maryland for the massive H2oi meet and OCPD are in full effect. Here is everything they're up to in one magical Instagram.

Welcome to @OCPDRollCall, the only Instagram you need to be following this weekend.


Here are some gems as cops let the tickets rain on the upcoming attendees.


Water-cooled VWs are very much represented, as are bumper-free Nissans and no-clearance Subarus.

Note: the car show proper hasn't even started yet.


I wonder what the total count of impounded cars will be once all the dust settles.

Top Photo Credit: Stancenation/OCPDRollCall/Instagram