It's no secret that Honda could use a serious injection of fun into their lineup these days. The CR-Z Hybrid wasn't the CRX revival we all expected, and while the current Civic Si is very good, it's not quite as rev-tacular as its forebears. Could this concept from the Beijing Motor Show make a decent Integra?

This is the Honda Concept B. It's a five-door hatchback, at the moment designed for the Chinese market only at the moment, that is aimed at the youth market. Honda intends to build it, and says they want to build a production version to market within two years.

And you know what? I actually think it looks pretty good. It's clean, aggressive, and has a nice overall profile. The big silver Acura-esque grille is a bit much, but the rest of it is sharp.

Here's what you need to do, Honda: add a stick shift and a high-revving four-cylinder engine or maybe a high-performance hybrid powerplant (think BMW i8 this time though, not CR-Z), throw in some leather seats, create a three-door variant in addition to the five-door hatch and voila: new Integra.


And call it the Integra, too, none of this alphabet soup nonsense. I will also accept RSX as an answer because I'm in a good mood today.

I know none of this will happen, but hey, I'm allowed to dream. You're welcome for the free advice, Honda. (Note: If this goes to production as I have suggested, I will send you a bill that includes my standard $25 million consultant's fee, plus expenses, of course.)