How To Obsessively Make The Best Black Paint Job

(Image Credit: Ammo NYC/YouTube)

Finally, the answer to “Is it black or slightly darker black?”, and other things you learn when you dive way too deep into what it takes to lay down the perfect automotive paint job.

I’m not sure if the respray of this Porsche is “the most insane paint job ever” as the video title suggests, but car-detailing expert Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC does a damn fine job of documenting the painstaking intricacies of turning this car into an oilslick-black jewel.


This video covers just about everything from custom making factory-looking wheels to rollcage powder coating, but the multi-layer paint prep and application is the most fascinating.

The process looks way too brutal to even consider attempting at home, but it sure is incredible to watch how much prep it really takes to apply a black paint that stands out. Even (especially) as that might sound like a bit of an oxymoron.

If nothing else, this will give you a newfound respect for skilled car painters. Now you can see why a proper paint job costs so much money. And here I am thinking about brush-painting some animals on the side of my rattle-can’d truck.

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