Andy Warhol couldn’t pick just one. (Image Credit: BMW)
Andy Warhol couldn’t pick just one. (Image Credit: BMW)
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You probably know (or could have guessed) that white, black and silver/gray are perennially the most popular colors for cars. But do tastes change when you go from one vehicle to another? What does your history of car ownership look like in colors?


The conversation at Jalopnik’s water cooler this morning has revolved around what colors we’ve owned on our cars, and now I’m curious about how the rest of the internet might respond.

For example, here are all the colors I’ve owned on cars and motorcycles, in chronological order:

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. White (with blue graphics)
  4. White
  5. Silver
  6. Silver
  7. White (with two green body panels)
  8. White
  9. Blue (with white graphics)
  10. ...and “Camouflage”

I guess my fleet doesn’t sound all that exciting when you boil it down to paint choices. And maybe it’s worth mentioning that six out of those ten color choices were deliberate, the rest just happened to be sprayed on the car I wanted.


My colleague Jason Torchinsky, on the other hand, has owned four(!) yellow cars. So what does your history of car colors look like?

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