Hoon of the Day: Lada Versus Volvo Norwegian Jumpstravaganza

First of all, congratulations to the hoons who brought us Sprint Jumping, as they've won our first-ever Hoon of the Week award! The Eldorado Versus Camper hoons come in with a strong second place in our poll; looks like jumping hoonage outranks crashing hoonage. So, with that in mind, here's a video of some hoons in Norway pounding the crap out of a Lada and a Volvo in an appropriately leaden-skied frozen Scandinavian setting. They don't get much hang time with their cars, but they pick up 3 bonus points for the 80s Alice Cooper soundtrack (which complements rather than replaces the sound of screaming engines and rending metal- you paying attention, hoons?), 5 points for the idiotic positioning of the cameraman where he'll be splattered straight to Valhalla if a car loses control after a jump, and another 10 points just because a Lada is involved. Hoon-O-Meter reading: 34 points.

Partition Number One! Retro Russian Lada Ad [internal]

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I second that.

Plus, even though "Poison" probably wasn't the best song choice for this vid, shouldn't they get more than 3 points for a) just picking Cooper in the first place and b) not using it to drown out the alternating shouts of mechanical anguish and human glee?