Since we just had an Arab hoon yesterday, we're about due for an entry from the other up-and-coming global hoon superpower: Scandinavia. Not only do these Norwegians get some pretty good air out of their Volvo 244- an impressive feat in itself- they blow away American hoon videos (and absolutely vaporize the Arabs) in the video-soundtrack department. First we had Alice Cooper, then Hayseed Dixie, and now they've gone all San Pedro on our ass. 5 bonus points for hooning a Volvo, another 10 for the brutal impact of the second jump's landing... and 200 points for the soundtrack (if they'd used a Corona instead of the Volvo they'd have scored 1,000 bonus points). Hoon-O-Meter reading: 235 points.

Hoon of the Day: Lada Versus Volvo Norwegian Jumpstravaganza [internal]