Hood Scoop Of The Week: 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ1

We featured two Detroit scoops in a row (the Maverick Grabber Dual Domes and the Road Runner Air Grabber), and now we must give Italy some well-deserved Hood Scoop Hall Of Fame recognition here.


We can thank Van Sarockin, rogue trebuchet for suggesting the tears-to-our-eyes amazing treble scoop setup that Alfa Romeo installed on the Giulia TZ1 in 1964.

But that wasn't the only great hood scoop Alfa Romeo (or maybe it was all Zagato's doing; I'll need to consult with Alfa expert Conrad Stevenson to get the story) put on their race Giulias during this period. How about this hinged setup, which may have provided inspiration for Chrysler's Air Grabber designers?

Image source: AllSportAuto

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