The name of last week's hood scoop, the Plymouth Air Grabber, reminded us of the "Dual Dome" scoops that Ford put on the 1971 and 1972 Maverick Grabbers.

What great-looking scoops, and who would have expected them on such a cheap car? The Grabber package was available on the Maverick two-doors; in addition to the Dual Domes, Grabber buyers got a 210-horsepower 302. That didn't sound like much, but keep in mind that the car only weighed 2,700 pounds- check the option box for the 4-speed manual and you'd give those 3,000-pound-plus Mustangs a hard time. Of course, by 1975 the Grabber had become completely Malaise-ified, and the Dual Domes were gone by the first Malaise year of 1973.
We're itching to do a European hood scoop for next week. Any suggestions?
Image sources: Flickr, Mustangs And More