Hood Scoop Of The Week: 1971-72 Ford Maverick Grabber

The name of last week's hood scoop, the Plymouth Air Grabber, reminded us of the "Dual Dome" scoops that Ford put on the 1971 and 1972 Maverick Grabbers.


What great-looking scoops, and who would have expected them on such a cheap car? The Grabber package was available on the Maverick two-doors; in addition to the Dual Domes, Grabber buyers got a 210-horsepower 302. That didn't sound like much, but keep in mind that the car only weighed 2,700 pounds- check the option box for the 4-speed manual and you'd give those 3,000-pound-plus Mustangs a hard time. Of course, by 1975 the Grabber had become completely Malaise-ified, and the Dual Domes were gone by the first Malaise year of 1973.
We're itching to do a European hood scoop for next week. Any suggestions?
Image sources: Flickr, Mustangs And More

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