These scrambler-style 50cc Honda Grom scooters won’t be very fast on-road. They won’t be motocross competitors. But holy crap do they look like fun. And since that’s the whole point of motorcycling, this might secretly be the ultimate bike.

The Grom is a micro-sized motorcycle that’s cheap to run, easy to operate, and basically adored by anybody who’s ever ridden one. A “scrambler” is a standard-style motorcycle tweaked to have a little more off-road pretense. Put those things together and boom; you get these awesome adorable two-wheeled toys.


The simply-named “Grom Scrambler Concept One” and “Grom Scrambler Concept Two” are both just that; concept vehicles that Honda’s bringing to the Toyko motor show.

But with scrambler and retro look starting to snowball in popularity, I bet there’s a decent chance these things come to showrooms. Even if only as a trim level for the existing Grom.

Actually, the current bike packs a 125cc engine. That’d be... even better!


Honda hasn’t given up any details regarding these little machines, but stay tuned as the show gets closer. Frankly I don’t really care what the specs end up being; it’s a tiny Honda engine with ten or twelve parts strapped on. If the price is right, I want one. I really want one.


Images via Honda

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