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Somebody left this great front-quarter image of the Kia Trail'ster electric "off-road" concept just laying around the internet, so we grabbed it for you. Looks like, well, a Kia Soul with fender flares and plenty of extra lights... which actually came out pretty nice!

We'll have to wait for details on the AWD system (which will probably utilize a gasoline FWD powertrain paired up with an electric motor moving the rear axle) and other tech specs until the Trail'ster is officially unveiled, or another leak comes out.

I'm gonna go ahead and guesstimate that this is a "pure concept" not slated for production, but if the Jeep Renegade does as well as everyone thinks it will Kia and others might start taking serious swings at the mini 4x4 market.


There are a lot of light-shapes going on here... though I'm really liking those LED bars above the roofline.

Image by Kia via Road & Track, who have since taken it down.