Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove

I always think of NYC as the anti-car city. The traffic is terrible. The roads are terrible. Street parking is a scam and parking garages are too. But some incredible cars hide out here.

The other weekend, Formula E came to Brooklyn, dropping in where the subway doesn’t go in Red Hook. Porsche dude Magnus Walker showed up for the race, and posted on Instagram that he’d be around. If anyone wanted to bring a car by, they could.

Indeed they did.

I didn’t know anything about the impromptu show, and I only happened to walk by while going with my coworkers to see the water past Sunny’s Bar. First I spotted a Leh Keen Safari 911. Then I saw my old coworker Jared’s Baja. Then there was Phil’s Lancia 037 Stradale.

We stayed for a while and watched the cars roll in with the waves. The sun set, supercars started showing up, and we all peaced out to go home.


I took a few pictures of some of the arrivals, please refer to them if you ever think it’s too hard to own a car where you live. If these people can keep these cars in NYC, you can manage, too.

That Lancia is very much the real deal, if you’re curious.

The Golf Country is the best crossover. There need be no arguments.

This little Mazda RX-2 is a well-known car out here in Brooklyn.

Multiple flat-nose Porsches came out, in addition to all the super-clean backdated cars that are all the rage now.

BMW E34s rule. Alpinas rule. This car rules.

No matter the show, a MkIV Supra turns heads.

As does an original GT-R.

The place started to fill up, and my eyes started to glaze over the 911s, all of them deeply wonderful.

Again, I see these cars as inspiration. If they can survive here in NYC, there’s nowhere a classic can’t make it.