What's it like to own a vintage car in Manhattan, the most car-hating section of the most car-hating city in the country? Not so bad, actually.


You see, in NYC, you never need a car. If some place is too far to walk to, there are buses, cabs, and trains to get you there. That means that you can have a car just because you want one. You never get worried when it breaks down, because you don't need it to commute to work. You never get worried when you're stuck in traffic, because you don't really have to get anywhere anyway.

At least, that's what you say to yourself when you look at your monthly parking bill, or when you just get cut off by the one moron dumb enough to drive a full size SUV through Chinatown, or when you realize that your insurance costs half as much as your apartment.


Don't take my word for it - trust these three vintage car owners interviewed by the always-excellent Petrolicious. Oh wait, I'm in this video? Never mind, I guess you should take my word for it.

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