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If you had a 450 horsepower 2018 Ford Raptor and a rain-soaked Nürburgring all to yourself, would you try to set a competitive lap time nobody’d remember or hang the tail out and have the time of your life? I think Vaughn Gittin Jr. made the right call here.

Apparently the famous Ford Mustang RTR driver thought doing a drift lap in his race car in the rain would be “boring,” but clearly somebody had already paid a lot of money to clear the course and have a camera crew standing by so I guess the Ford Performance folks saw another opportunity.


There’s not a whole lot of science in this video, but it’s pretty entertaining.

Looks like Gitten went ahead and ran the Raptor’s stock BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tires, too. This might be the first time A/T rubber has been used for drifting? On the freaking Nürburgring?

By the way, if you’re bummed we didn’t get to see the Mustang RTR drift session, we’ve been promised that it’s still in the pipeline.


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