A 900-HP Ford Mustang Drifting the Nordschleife Is the Only Nürburgring Lap I Give a Shit About

I remember I tried drifting the entire length of the Nürburgring in Forza once. I rage-quit an eighth of the way through. But apparently, if you’re professional drifter and Formula Drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr., you don’t need an Xbox. You can do the real thing in a 900-horsepower, modified Ford Mustang.

The 460 HP 2017 Ford Mustang RTR Is The Most Rational Way To Own A Complete Lunatic Car

My foot’s jammed down on the pedal that tells the 460 horses to get going, and I’ve been in this thing trying to manage a basic, drifty donut. While I’m making plenty of tire smoke, I’m failing miserably. Still, this may be the most fun I’ve had failing at anything, because failing in the Mustang RTR is almost more…