Here's How Fiat Built A Car Out Of Naked People

Fiat has a pretty cool looking print ad out now in the new ESPN nude-athletes issue, where they compose a 500 Abarth out of naked people. Here's how Fiat did it.

Illustration for article titled Here's How Fiat Built A Car Out Of Naked People

The people responsible for this "Body Paint" ad (above) put it pretty well when they say the final photograph "is going to stop you." It's an arresting image on its own, but it gets even cooler when you see how it's made.

It would be one thing for Fiat to just show their car off with hot models (they've done it before), but seeing the agency The Richards Group assemble the car out of contortionists, circus performers, and other artists is genuinely interesting.

Here's the full behind-the-scenes video. Don't watch it at work if your boss is a puritan.


David E. Davis

Just as disturbing when Toyota pulled this crap with the Prius clan