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Here's 1.32 Million Pounds Of Airplane Landing

Illustration for article titled Heres 1.32 Million Pounds Of Airplane Landing

This is the Antonov An-225, the world's heaviest aircraft, landing at a maximum overload of around 1,320,000 lbs. It dented the runway.


This shot was taken by Stephen McParlin at Fanborough, England in 1990. If you're wondering just how big this plane is, here's one next to a 747, making the Boeing look like a toy glider.


Photo Credit: Stephen McParlin

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Fuckin' right.

I've been dealing with Antonov for quite a few years, had the pleasure of meeting a few pilots & crew, as well as going inside the AN-125 (Sadly, the 225 has been deemed "too large for North American airspace", so I've never been able to see one in person.)

Amazing aircraft!