Here Is Some High-Speed Drifting For Your Fun And Excitement

The track is where I say it is. Screenshot from Noriyaro

You may think to yourself “I like driving that is fun and enjoyable! For me to engage in driving that is fun and enjoyable, what I need is a vehicle that is extremely expensive and heavily modified.” Nah. You can get by with speed. Lots of speed.

Here’s pro drift Naoto Suenaga of Team Orange whipping his Nissan S13 around Ebisu at really quite a clip, getting the most out of the car not because it’s got tons of grip or tons of power, but because he’s running right up at the limit of the tires.

Watch how the whole car looks like it’s skimming, almost like it’s hovering over the road. Meanwhile, Suenaga is just cracking up. Good stuff.


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