​Henrik Fisker Designed A De Tomaso Revival, But Why?

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Henrik Fisker is back in action after the fall of his namesake and the launch of the 725-hp, carbon fiber-bodied Galpin Rocket. So what's next? A design for De Tomaso, the defunct sports car company that – last we checked – still didn't have a pulse.


Fisker posted the rendering above to his LinkedIn page with the caption, "A new design study I just completed for a Historic Brand…" which Form Trends spotted. But that's it for details.

De Tomaso, makers of wonderfully reckless cars like the Pantera, stopped production in the mid-2000s and was eventually bought, sold, then bought again, before its owner, Gian Mario Rossignolo, was arrested for misuse of over $9 million in public funds.


Then, last year, Automobili Turismo e Sport (ATS) reportedly acquired De Tomaso and pledged to reboot the brand with something based on the ATS 2500 GT. That's the last we heard and nothing has come of either since.


None of this sounds particularly promising, and we're not sure if that changes with the addition of Fisker, but commissioning a design has to mean something, even if it's just an Italian flight of fancy.