Illustration for article titled ATS Buys DeTomaso, Will Totally Build Cars And Not Be Italian Vaporware

Today in Italian supercar news that will definitely come true and isn't vaporware at all, ATS bought DeTomaso and is definitely planning on building cars that will totally exist and be built.

ATS, which is getting seriously close (guys, they're this close) to building their new range of cars, acquired the DeTomaso name and have plans to relaunch the brand with a new range of models.


Of course, they want to keep it simple, so the ATS 2500GT that's definitely getting built could also spur an upcoming DeTomaso Pantera. It's that simple.

Look for these cars to appear on the roads in an unspecified time frame that ranges from tomorrow to the day when Cerberus rules the Earth. One or the other.

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