Has Your Town Ever Screwed Up Its Own Transportation?

Too many speed bumps, needless chicanes, and painfully slow speed limits: it feels like towns are always trying to screw up their own transportation infrastructure.

Smalleyxb122 had a great example of a town doing itself some harm, inspired by the story of a woman who hated train whistles so much, she parked her car on the tracks to get them to stop.

In high school, I lived less than a quarter mile from train tracks. It was in a new construction subdivision, and the residents complained about the train horn (the train was there first!). They eventually successfully petitioned to have the horns quieted down. Unfortunately, for those of us who would walk the tracks to get home from school, the quieter horns gave a false impression of how far the approaching (from behind) train was. Fortunately, it only resulted in a couple of close calls. The horns were back to full volume thereafter, and the residents when back to complaining.


What's the most annoying plan your town has implemented?

Photo Credit: Nik Morris

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