Has The Car Industry Ever Done Better Tech Than The Tech Industry?

We don’t expect the tech industry to make good cars, but we expect car companies to come out with good tech with every new vehicle. Has this thinking ever worked?

We saw today that GM and AT&T are pairing up to offer 4G LTE for most GM cars. An AT&T rep told CNBC, "The way we think about a car, it's just a big smartphone on wheels."


This prompted some harsh words from McMike.

Dear Automotive Manufactures. 

Fuck you and your gadgets.



 DollaMoneyAve went further.

Seriously!  Let the car guys build cars, let the tech guys build tech.

Has this kind of ‘car companies as tech designers’ thinking ever been successful? It’s a reasonable question, and we don’t feel like it’s been seriously addressed. Is there any evidence to suggest that carmakers know how to make quality, cutting edge digital technology?

Photo Credit: Steve Jurveston

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