Gymkhana One Recreated In Forza Horizon 3 With A Reliant Robin, Finally

I’m sure the biggest question on everyone’s mind when they’re watching one of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos is always the same: how would this be different if he was driving a shoddy British three-wheeler? Thanks to remarkable advances in computerizated synthetic reality, we can finally know.

Yes, thankfully, someone harnessed the fake-driving power of Forza Horizon 3 and used it to create a Gymkhana experience with a three-wheeled Reliant Robin.


It’s loosely based on Gymkhana One, but with less ads for shoes and green caffeine-juice. Sure, it’s not real, but it’s still pretty fun to watch.

Would a real Robin have flipped and rolled like a drunk Mary Lou Retton at at least a dozen points in this video? Probably? Does it matter? Probably not.

Anyway, it’s fun. Enjoy.

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