Guy Mods His Real Car With Arcade Coin Start

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Welcome, friends, to the best Miata mod I have ever seen.

It should come to no surprise that this car is the 8-Bit Miata, the little dorifto MX-5 currently sliding around the tracks of the Southwest. Now watch the magic happen.

I still am not totally clear how exactly they got this mod to work, but setting your car up to run only when a circuit is completed is relatively simple, and adding a coin start to the mix shouldn't be too hard for the 8-Bit Miata team, lead by a former electronic technician.

TofuDriftVan explains how the setup works in the YouTube description of the above clip, and that it's still a bit of a work in progress.

We thought it would be a cool idea to have a pair of coin slots on the dashboard to simulate the feel of an arcade machine. We are still waiting on the arcade style "Player 1" button so we can wire it to the actual engine start.

Also the arcade door will double as a racing switch panel for the fuel pump, fan, etc.


Video Credit: TofuDriftVan