Guy In DeLorean Doing 89 MPH Swears To Cops He Wasn't Trying To Time Travel

Image Credit: DeLorean/Phil Haro
Image Credit: DeLorean/Phil Haro

A man out for a jaunt in his DeLorean was clocked by local police for excessive speeding by going 89 mph. Impressive as this is in a DeLorean—and we all know it’s good to give your Flux Capacitor a nice workout every now and then—we’re more perplexed as to what he is still doing in this part of the spacetime continuum.


Nigel Mills, 55, tried to make the claim that he “wasn’t trying to time travel,” according to The Telegraph. The case was brought to court, but was then thrown out “after [the] prosecution offered no evidence.” Which is often useful for successful prosecutions, I’m told.

After the hearing, Mills tried to continued this non-time traveling charade:

I was being prosecuted for going 89mph in a DeLorean, wasn’t something special meant to happen at 88mph?

I can honestly say I wasn’t trying to time travel. It was at 11 a.m. on Sunday and the road was completely clear.

Mills said that he fought the citation because he was pissed that a bunch of travelers “set up a camp” in the parking lot of his company and the local authorities did nothing. The Telegraph writes that Mills sees himself a good citizen who pays his taxes, but was “fed up, like most motorists, of being a law-abiding citizen but a soft target for the traffic police.”

“Why should I pay this speeding fine while they would get away with it? I’m pleased at the result, but I wish that the police could do a better job when it comes to real crimes against people.”

I can’t say I agree with Mills’ reason for speeding. An eye-for-an-eye mentality isn’t a good or safe one to have, but perhaps there’s something more brewing here. A bunch of people hanging around in an empty parking lot? A DeLorean hitting 88 mph? A man getting out of speeding because the prosecution lacked evidence?

A large hunt is currently underway for stolen plutonium, we’re pretty sure. We all know 1.21 gigawatts doesn’t just come out of nowhere.


This is heavy.

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My recollection is that most DeLoreans only had the 85mph speedo anyway, so maybe he had no clue how fast he was going.