When Some Of These 24 Hours Of LeMons Cars Hit 88 MPH, It's Just A Miracle

Any jamoke can Photoshop some technobaubles onto a silver car and call it good, but it takes a real genius to build a Back to the Future-style time machine in real life and race it. That’s what these 24 Hours of LeMons competitors did with their fantastic hoopties. Behold: the best time machines in racing.
»10/21/15 10:00pm10/21/15 10:00pm


Stanford Built An Autonomous DeLorean That Drifts

It’s likely you’re getting sick of all the Back to the Future-related content today, but I promise you that this one is a little different, since the chunk of electronics added to a DeLorean is real and actually works. Even better, it really does make this 2015 feel like an imagined future 2015, and most importantly,… »10/21/15 1:49pm10/21/15 1:49pm

Could Doc Brown's DeLorean Even Get Up To 88 MPH In That Parking Lot?

The DeLorean was known for a lot of things. Speed was not one of them. Underpowered even by early 1980s standards, it was a bizarre choice for a time machine that needed to hit 88 MPH to cross the temporal barrier. But could Doc Brown’s car even go that fast in the Twin, er, Lone Pine Mall parking lot like it does in… »5/13/15 5:33pm5/13/15 5:33pm

Six Things John Z. DeLorean Did That Have Nothing To Do With That Car

Yesterday was John DeLorean's birthday. The man was a motoring icon for many reasons, though there's really only two things about him that anyone thinks of: cocaine and a certain time machine. I don't want to bring up the DMC-12 at all. Crap. I mean, not again. Let's focus on six other things DeLorean did. »1/07/15 10:00am1/07/15 10:00am

DeLorean's Next Radical Idea Was This Never-Before-Seen Engine

The DeLorean name is one of the most famous — and infamous — in the automotive world. DeLorean is so associated with his movie star car and his trial for cocaine trafficking that it's easy to forget what a remarkable engineer he was. Until you see something like these long-hidden sketches. Then it all makes sense. »12/16/13 12:29pm12/16/13 12:29pm

This is What It's Like to Bring Your Dream Car Home

It has been 27 years and a week since I first saw a Delorean. On my 31st birthday, I decided it was time I bought one. A week after my 32nd birthday, I finally got to take her home. I know, Deloreans aren't fast. I know, Deloreans had sketchy build quality, the result of being built in Northern Ireland. I know, most… »12/10/13 1:12pm12/10/13 1:12pm