Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Hits The Web, Web Too Slow to Keep Up

The Gran Turismo 5 trailer has emerged and we couldn't be more excited (though, we still haven't shelled out enough dough for a PlaySation 3). And while we can enjoy other racing simulators and motorsports games, we've been hooked since the Mazda Demio braking test in the original Gran Turismo for the PS1. In the trailer we get a mixture of vehicles (including a new Nissan GT-R), some track shots and one wicked soundtrack (no offense Cardigans).

What we know about the GT5 is that it's super realistic looking, it'll have the Nissan GT-R, the track from Top Gear and us scrounging for a few hundred bucks.



Jeff Glucker

*feels jeans*

I hope this is sweat...