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We've just heard some amazing news about the greatest automotive show on Earth, Top Gear. In fact, it was so amazing that despite it being 2:00 AM here in Tokyo (where we're at this week for the Tokyo Motor Show), it literally made us blink, swear under our breath, get up out of the chair and do a little jig. Here's what we've just learned (Thanks to Top tipster Thaddeus):

Top Gear has hooked up with Sony to make our iconic test track part of Gran Turismo 5. And as an office with the permanent distraction of a Playstation 2, race seat, force-feedback wheel and a copy of the current GT4, it's the best news we've had since Alonso missed out on the F1 championship.

Oh but wait, there's more...

The latest iteration of the GT series will also be fully online - and, alongside lapping the TG circuit, players will be able to download classic episodes of Top Gear via a dedicated motoring channel called Gran Turismo TV on the Playstation network.


Holy shnikes โ€” Gran Turismo TV โ€” starring episodes of Top Gear? See, bet you can't believe your eyes either. Now, if only we can drive as "The Stig" our lives would be complete. [via Top Gear]