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GPS Snitch, on one hand, could be viewed as a device for an over-protective parent. But on the other hand, it could be extremely useful for busy metropolitan areas where you never park in the same spot. GPS Snitch attaches anywhere in your car and only needs to be connected to a 12V power source. It then uses GPS and cellphone technology to pinpoint the location of the vehicle.


There's a handful of options available with the GPS Snitch. It can text message you when it senses the car moving. You can also log on to a map interface to see the exact location of your car. It also allows you to text message to find out the location of your car, but I'm still a bit confused how one can send a location via text message, unless it's longitude and latitude, and that just about worthless. The GPS Snitch is available for $400 and carries a $15 month fee. [GPS Snitch via Crave]


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