Godzilla Smash! Another Totaled Nissan GT-R

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After seeing the Nissan GT-R crashed in America, in Malaysia, in Hong Kong, and on the Isle Of Man, we've found another. This white GT-R, with just 349 miles on the odometer, has shown up totaled in a Nashville auction yard. It's said to have about $55,000 worth of damage, so we're not sure anyone is going to bid very much when it hits the block today. No word on just how the GT-R got to be in this predicament, but we're pretty sure this isn't covered by the warranty.
[via The Car Lounge]


Ash78, voting early and often

So are all these exotics (and "near-exotics") really being wrecked more than ever, or is this just extra exposure thanks to the Internet?

It stands to reason that Vipers were being wrecked at a faster rate when they first came out, right? Being so unforgiving and all...