Nissan GT-R Crashed In The USA

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Godzilla, or the new Nissan GT-R as some call it, has only just started stomping around our shores, already we've got our first report of a GT-R smashed up somewhere stateside. Details are vague (some say the GT-R got into some fisticuffs with a Corvette ZR1 in a dark alley) but it's clear the incident wasn't exactly a minor fender-bender. The forum fanboys at MyGTR think it may have had something to do with the GT-R being driven into a pizza parlor, so maybe it was trying to take out a Ferrari or something. Geez, whatever happened to fighting it out on the Nürburgring?
After seeing the first crash of a GT-R in Malaysia, and another one crunched by the boys at Top Gear, we're sadly starting to get used to the sight of Godzilla with battle scars. Perhaps the beast really is too fast to tame. (Hat tip to Joe!) [MyGTR]


I heard the Viper ACR's shifter did all that damage after it hit the rev limiter. Then it taunted the GT-R with it's Ring time.