Godzilla Smash! The First Nissan GT-R Crash

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The folks over at the North American GT-R Owners Club forum managed to get their hands on some shots of what is believed to be the first smashed Nissan GT-R (lucky for us they did it in public). Since it's a 480 hp supercar, we're going to assume that this didn't happen at a speed lower than 20 mph and thus the front of the car held up pretty well, all things considered.

We're not sure what makes us so fascinated with smashed exotics, but there's always a good story there if you search long enough. Given the relative affordability of the GT-R, we're ready for a lot more GT-R smash up action. [NAGTROC via AutoBlog]

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@Mad_Science: Yup, somebody UnPimped that bad boy.