The SCG003 at Geneva. Photo Credit: Newspress

James Glickenhaus is fun because instead of just collecting cool old road-legal race cars, he decided to start making some of his own. Now heā€™s gone from a Miles Davis-rescuing movie producer to an official government-approved manufacturer, and he just priced his Nordschleife-conquering SCG003 at a cool $2 million.

I would begin to put down a few thoughts as to how this all-carbon prototype compares to more humdrum cars like the LaFerrari, Bugatti Chiron or McLaren P1 also in that general price range, but thereā€™s really no point. Nobody stretches to buy a $2 million car. Either you have a garage full of these cars or you donā€™t have one at all.

Here are SCGā€™s full specs of the roadgoing SCG003S (as opposed to the SCG003C race car), which is now classified as a Low Volume Manufacturer by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

SCG003S (Stradale) is a fully trimmed Road Legal GT Hypercar with the following preliminary specifications subject to change with customization:

Engine: Twin Turbo 4.4 Liter Reverse Flow V8
Max Power: >750HP
Max Torque: >590 FT LBS
Gearbox: 7 Speed Electro-Hydraulically Actuated Dual Disk Clutch Paddle
Shift Operated.
Chassis: Carbon Fiber Chassis
Suspension: Front and Rear Double Wishbone Push Rod and Rocker Operated
Adjustable Dampers
Brakes: Brembo Carbo-Ceramic
Weight: <2866 LBS
Acceleration: 0-60 MPH <2.9 seconds
VMax: >217 MPH
Mechanical Grip: >2.0G

Net Downforce at 155 MPH: >1550 LBSļ»æ

SCG says it will make its first four to six customer cars in 2018, then another eight to 10 in 2019, though it hasnā€™t sold out yet.


The SCG003 at Geneva. Photo Credit: Newspress

Glickenhaus also says thereā€™s a SCG003CS ā€˜Competizione Stradaleā€™ on its way, to be debuted at the Quail, a Motorsports Gathering. Catch it at Pebble Beach.