Geiger Ford F650 Is A Bit Late To The Game

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The first thought that comes to mind when taking a step back to look at the Geiger F650 is that this mechanical monstrosity is gonna be mighty thirsty for fuel. While it may not be powered by mere petrol, keep in mind that in most places diesel fuel actually costs more nowadays. Sure, you get over 737 lb-ft of torque from the 6.7-liter inline-six Cummins, but you really do need it to move this beast of burly burden.

Here's the thing, we've seen vehicles like this sort of 6/4 scale pick-em'-up truck plenty of times before. Remember the ridiculous Alton? Or this F-650 from SEMA? Or how about this piece of overcompensation? Then there's the rigs from International. And don't even get us started on our buddy Ironhide, the GMC TopKick. We're just trying to point out that maybe the German turners at Geiger didn't exactly have the timing right on bringing this to the market.

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Working in the truck industry, I'm not all that unfamiliar with these vehicles. Unfortunately, it's time to come clean as to where they are produced.

1) The F-650 and F-750; Produced at the Blue Diamond Plant (along with Internationals) at their plant in Escobedo, Mexico.

2) The Dodge 4500 and 5500, along with the badge engineered Sterling Bullett is manufactured at the Saltillo, Mexico facility, along with Most Dodge 2500, 3500, and Megacab Diesel Dodge Ram Trucks.

3) The Chevrolet Large Pickups and SUVs are produced in Janesville, Wisconsin; However their most profitable versions (the Hybrids, and the Cadillac Versions) are built in Silao, Mexico. The soon to be sold off Topkick, and Kodiac (4500, 5500, 6500, and up) are built in Flint, soon to be transferred to, yes, Mexico.

Now for some surprises:

4) Hino Trucks (a division of Toyota) produces their trucks in Williamstown, WV, and currently also produces them in Ontario, CA. Hino produces class 4 - 7 Trucks like these:

5) Most North American Trucks Manufacturers are now Foreign Owned:

Freightliner - Owned by Mercedes Benz

Sterling - Again Mercedes

Western Star - Think again; Mercedes

Mack Truck - Owned by Volvo AB

International - Yes this is american owned; However it has been de-listed off the NYSE for failing to provide accurate financial statements for the past 5 years.

Peterbilt - Along with Kenworth, this is the PACCAR group, and yes, primarily US owned.

Volvo - No, this is not owned by Ford, since it was Volvo that sold the then money losing car line Ford, and nothing else. The other Volvo AB bid=sinesses are all humming along quite profitably (Trucks, Construction Equipment, Aeronautics, Information Systems)

The point to all this rant? Well, my point is this: Capitalism is great, but uncontrolled capitalism can become harmful. Case in point. GM Makes clear profit from building Trucks and SUV's in Wisconsin, and Flint, Michigan. However, they wanted a BIGGER profit margin, so they built them in Mexico, actually undermining the american workforce. GM and Ford also blundered when their Big Truck Operations when they felt that there wasn't enough profit being generated by these divisions, so they sold them off to Foreign interests. GM Class 8 Trucks were sold off to Volvo, Fords were sold off to Mercedes (and re-badged Sterling), and now you are looking at the number 1 and number 2 Truck Makers in the world.

My point is sometimes you have to reign in excesses, from ridiculous profit levels, to oversize trucks and homes, to outrageous behavior for the good of everybody concerned.