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I just asked a FoMoCo-PR-Bro how a scrappy writer like me could get into a truck like the one pictured above. His response? "A ladder." I've been sparring deep into the comment section of Mr. Mehta's screed (it was a screed, right?) concerning our country's truck. Readers appear upset that Sajeev refused to simply call the new Chevy apple pie and be done with it. Tempers have flared and teh internets tough guys are out in force. As I have stated many times, unless you are hauling cords of wood or removing trees, here in our country, pickups are much more frequently a lifestyle statement than they are useful, practical and/or responsible. Look, if you got your dirt in Boss Kean's ditch then by all means grab a dirt-hauler and git-r-done. But if you just have a tremendously small penis, dude, no one cares but your wife.

[Ford F-650 Extreme Pick Up Truck]


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