Chicago Auto Show: Alton Truck Company F650 Is An Adventure In Ridiculous

While the automakers may be disappointing us with vanilla reveals, we have to hand it to the crew at the Alton Truck Company for taking the kind of effort a certain segment of the automotive aftermarket world puts into Civics and applying it to this Ford F-650-based SUV. Weighing in at a paltry 25,999 pounds, this extremest of SUV's features a Caterpillar 7.2L C7 ACERT engine with 230 horsepower and 660 lb.-ft. of torque. For the low low price of $200,000 you get hardwood floors, custom captain's chairs, four wireless computer stations, a 42" plasma TV and a rear view camera so you don't accidentally run over a Yukon XL. It's nicer and larger than our apartment, though slightly tackier. It's the perfect weekend cruiser for an affluent 8th-grader with a driver's license and a few extra bucks lying around.


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