From the AP image archives comes proof that, yeah, some assholes do drive Corvettes. Great license plate, though.

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I've been to enough Corvette meets to confirm that roughly half of Corvette owners are assholes. I was at a local meet with my C4 and a guy comes up to me and says "Nice car." Okay, seems like a legit guy, might want to ask me a few questions right? Nope. "Not as nice as mine," he says.

Careful not to feed his ego, I just said "Yeah, it's not too bad for 120k on the clock." To that he replies "Mine has less, and a lottt more power." I'm thinking, why the %@#$ did you even come over here?? So I ask him what he has, he tells me he has a C6Z and it's more awesome than my old C4. Not sure what his objective was, but I put him in place when I explained to him how much better my horsepower-to-price ratio was :)

There are a lot of douchy Corvette guys, but almost ALL of them drive C6's or non-Z06 C5's. The guys with the older cars are usually cool, they're the ones who drive a Corvette because it's a Corvette, not because they want to be "cool."