Four wheel drive ’56 Plymouth wagon on Ebay

What has four wheel drive, four doors, a sky high body lift and Virgil Exner styling? With the exception of this 1956 Plymouth wagon currently listed on Ebay we're pretty confident the answer is absolutely nothing.

Putting a car body on a four wheel drive platform isn't exactly a new idea. People have been putting Camaros and '57 Chevys on four wheel drive platforms since they were old enough to be acquired cheaply. To really grab our attention you have to put together a truly oddball four wheel drive/body combination like the four wheel drive MGB we saw a couple weeks ago. Another prime example of the sort of four wheel drive swap weirdness we love is this found on ebay 1956 Plymouth station wagon.

When it started life 55 years ago as an Exner styled "Forward look" family hauler no one could have known this 1956 Plymouth, produced in an era when the car was a disposable entity, would still be around to see 2011 or what state the car would be in when it did. Truth be told, it is really only the body of this Plymouth that has made it. The wagon was placed on the four wheel drive frame of a 1991 Chevy Truck. With the original Plymouth frame and driveline meeting an unknown fate this wagon is now powered by the throttle body injected 350 V8 and 5 speed manual transmission the donor truck left the factory with.


Aside from needing some cosmetic and minor mechanical work this beast is running and drivable. Perhaps the most concerning part of this vehicle is the fact it needs a new windshield. While the seller claims a replacement has been priced at $150, my personal experience with finding curved glass for Mopars of this vintage would suggest otherwise.

While the four wheel drive conversion and body lift engineering quality is…. questionable and the reserve price of this wagon is unknown, this ratty frankensteined wagon is likely one of the more weird and personally desirable Ebay finds I've seen since the LS1 E28 . It's as if the heavens opened and a slightly modified answer to last week's question of the weekend was presented. Unfortunately Luckily, 1500 miles separates this beast from the cape that rust remembered AND I have a feeling the seller is looking for more than his $2000 opening bid. Whoever does end up with purchasing this odd 4x4 is guaranteed to have a vehicle that in the sellers words "No one else has".



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