If you are yearning for a unique project car this 4x4 MG MGB may be for you. Complete with rust, a questionable custom 4x4 conversion and potential title issues, the future owner is guaranteed an absolute nightmare interesting automotive adventure.

When this MGB rolled out of the English MG factory where it was built there was no way of knowing it would someday end up in the seller's words "a Frankenstein-ish MGB Monster". The MGB was converted from a British roadster to an American monster using a custom built frame with the suspension and axles from a 1965 Jeep CJ5. Underneath the hood sits a small block V8 of unknown origin. According to the seller the MGB was built sometime in the 70s. Although it is titled as a 1965 MGB the body appears to be from a later model.

The auction description reveals the seller's sense of humor about the car. The 4x4 MGB is not currently in running condition, and the seller makes no representations it is "in any way a Good Running, Reliable, Roadworthy, Safe, or Otherwise Nice Automobile" The seller provides us with a brutally honest overall depiction of the car explaining "the body is rusted, top is ripped, tires are dry rotted a bit, interior is filthy, carpet is ratty, you name it and it probably needs attention." The auction is running with No Reserve and the bidding is currently under $500. With about 3 days left, the winning bid will surely admit some brave soul deep into Project Car Hell.