Turn 10 is going nuts for McLaren, wheeling out a P1 for their Forza 5 presentation today at E3.

There are only two P1s in the world right now, so it's clear that the bond between McLaren and Turn 10 is pretty tight.


In the presentation itself, we didn't get to see any new cars for the game, but we did get a clarification to Fiveza's 'Driveatar' no-AI gameplay.

Basically, Forza 5 learns your driving style, catalogs those characteristics into your own "driveatar," and then uploads that driveatar to the cloud. While you're off sitting in on Advanced US History 201, your driveatar plays for you, picking up points. When in other games you might play against AI, in Forza 5 you'll be playing against other people's driveatars.

But what's really cool is how they hid a P1 in the stage. Here's how they did it.