We've been watching Kotaku all day for the launch of the new XBOX ONE, waiting for some news that might relate to the racing games we love to play. Alas, the first glimpse of a game they showed was a McLaren P1 in what we now see as Forza 5 with two key easter eggs.


Not only is the McLaren P1 in Forza 5, the first video we see of the new game shows the car racing a classic McLaren F1. Get it? Old and new, together, showing off how advanced the new system is.


The other aspect is a very John Hindhaugh-esque commentator doing the play-by-play. In fact, we think that is the extremely popular race commentator doing the game's play-by-play. New feature?

We'll post the video when we get it, but Microsoft announced it'll be available on launch.

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