Former NBA Player Tony Parker Drops Over $9 Million On a Custom Superyacht

Parker spent nearly 11 percent of his net worth on the 115 feet of luxurious unnecessary-ness.

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Infinity Nine
Infinity Nine
Image: AVA Yachts

It seems as if we’re living in an age of excess. Superyachts are all the rage with the wealthy. If you don’t have a floating mansion with a helicopter pad, you are nothing, I guess. From The Robb Report’s own special section for these floating palaces, highlights yet another individual with too much money, who bought a superyacht: retired San Antonio Spurs player Tony Parker.

Parker dropped a reported $9.24 million on his 115-foot longer superyacht dubbed Infinity Nine (Parker’s number when he was in the NBA was 9). The ship was constructed by Turkish-based yacht builder AVA Yachts. It’s just as excessively luxurious as you’d expect.


The Nine, one of AVA’s Kando class of yachts, was reportedly designed and built in-house by AVA with instructions taken from Parker. While the exterior looks like a typical luxury superyacht, decorated in white and gray paint, the interior is what’s described as “radically designed.”

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Screenshot: AVA Yachts

There are four decks spread across five guest cabins and a main master suite on the main deck. The master’s suite is 312 square feet and comes with a private balcony that can only be accessed via the suite.

Elsewhere there’s a whole damn lounge, a full gym, and a jacuzzi. All decks also have sunbathing areas.


Parker isn’t alone with his superyacht. Super Yacht Times reported that over 300 of these monstrosities were constructed last year. So many have been built, in fact, that the superyacht business is also facing a supply chain crisis. For that, shipyards are now telling impatient owners that it’ll be three to five years before they will see their boats.