Ford's B.M. — Episode 15: Ford Pitches A Tent Over The Fairlane

With the future at stake, how does Ford balance risk with reward? By daring to be different, with an eye on the past and an ear to the present: It's the latest "people mover".

And with those dire words, we bring you back to the latest installment in the 285-part "Bold Moves" joke Mark Field's "swan song" documentary. Remember, this whole thing is all about Ford moving themselves back to profitability — and nothing says profitable like the Ford Fairlane, the latest "people mover" that's not "The People Mover." Is it just us or is FoMoCo's production company making fun of this whole thing by titling the episode "pitching the fairlane concept" and then beginning the video by talking about the "Woody?"


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