We've been a bit lackadaisical in our coverage of the "Bold Moves" documentary as of late, and for the two of you who're fans of the 50-part documentary, we apologize (sorry Bill and Mark!). For the rest of us, watching these web-isodes is kind of like passing a car accident on the side of the road, where the only "Bold Move" made is when you pry yourself away from the gawking. But given the train wreck nature of this thing, we do have to give the PR folks of FoMoCo credit on the sheer size of their balls by making a video featuring a staff person from the Rainforest Action Network claiming "Ford has the worst fuel efficiency of any automaker in America." There is at least one positive we've taken away from this episode and it's that we get more video of design stud Peter "Dave" Horbury. Oh please Peter...please charm us with your big balls again.

Ford's B.M. โ€” Episode II: Peter Horbury Has Balls; But Does "Dave"? [internal]