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Yes, Virginia, there is public rail transit in the heart of the Mot r City. The Detroit People Mover only costs 50 cents to ride, and well, you get what you pay for. Last night after giving up on wrangling Spinelli into the DCX event at the Firehouse, we supped elsewhere and then caught the last People Mover back to our respective hotels, near the Broadway and Times Square stations.

The train hurtled past the stop at Broadway, leaving Spinelli at the mercies of Johnson's confused stumbling around downtown, which, if you've never been, is laid out in a radial pattern with lots of one way streets and diagonals. This morning, when we attempted to catch the People Mover at 6:30am, it was closed and we ended up cabbing and/or hoofing it down to Cobo. It's a four-bit boondoggle, we tell ya. A goddamn four-bit boondoggle.


The Detroit People Mover

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