Ford UK Insures You'll Be Happy With This Deal

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Across the pond Ford-UK just announced a deal with Norwich Union to provide one year's free comprehensive motor insurance through Ford Insure plus one year's worth of free satellite navigation from Smartnav to eligible customers buying Ford Ka Design, Fiesta Style or StreetKa models. This is totally a brilliant idea we wish auto companies would start offering over here, especially if they can combine it with all the other accoutrements like repair, oil changes and the like — sorta what Chrysler's doing with the whole "Miles to Freedom" thing and BMW's been doin' for years — except with comprehensive collision. But seriously...

...this is totally a neat idea for those who want it. Yeah, it'll probably be pretty standard and basic coverage, but it's insurance — and nothing to shake a stick at. Who wouldn't love knowing you've got a one-stop shop for everything you need to drive your new car out of the dealership lot? Well, as long as your dealer isn't sucky, I guess.


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